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Who Do You Want to Be?

28 May

My one regret in life is that I am not someone else. ~Woody Allen

As a fan of Woody Allen, and knowing his humor, I find this quote very amusing. But for way too many people this quote speaks volumes. These are the people who do go through life wishing they were someone else.

My heart goes out to these individuals because they don’t love themselves nor even like themselves. They see themselves as unlovable and for some unknown reason, flawed.

Somewhere in their childhood someone convinced them that this was true. It probably started when they were very young and continued as they grew-up, until they didn’t need the other person to tell them of their worthlessness. They were quite capable of doing that themselves.

But are these people really worthless? Totally without value? Of course not. It is my belief that God does not make mistakes. Every one of us was born perfect, and inherent in each of us are the talents and skills necessary for every person to achieve his or her own Greatness.

If you wish that you were someone else now is the time to change your mind. And you do this by changing the thoughts in your mind about who you are. You are no longer a flawed human being, but the perfect child of God himself. You are the one he loves.

With Love,