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You’re Just Not Being Realistic

10 Jun

Have you ever shared your future dreams with someone and instead of sharing your excitement declared to you that; “you probably won’t succeed and you’re just not being realistic? How did this make you feel?

Not being realistic is a crutch that negative people rely on. Reality for these people is to   see everything as bleak. The cup is half-empty and maybe not even that much. They don’t take risks because they might fail. And they don’t want their family and friends to succeed because, one, they would be envious and jealous of your success and two, they might lose you to a better life.

If you hear this “be realistic,” line, remember this: They’re afraid that with your success you might move to a better neighborhood. Start shopping in upscale stores. Take wonderful vacations. Send your children to private schools. Donate to charities. In essence, live the life that you create through your thoughts and your belief that you can have everything you want, and more. Your best interests scare the hell out of them. And so, they will tell you that you’re a dreamer. Not living in the real world. Not being realistic.

How many people do you know like this? I’ll bet plenty. It could be the very reason you remain friends with them, because misery loves company. But what happens when you throw off the shackles of poor me and truly believe you can accomplish great things?

When fear does not stand in your way. When the future is made up of countless opportunities. And opportunities will come to you because you will attract them into your life with your new found optimism. These people will become a weight on you that you will no longer choose to bear. Consider off-loading these people.

Every successful person. Every great inventor. Every person who has ever risen from poverty to riches had to face the people in their lives who would drag them down. They’ve said to themselves, I can no longer be close with this person. I can no longer allow this person to hold me down. Successful people do not allow negative people into their lives. Even family.



You Are Not What You Think You Are!

26 Mar

Every decision you make stems from what you think you are, and represents the value that you put upon yourself. ~Michael Luckman in Luckman’s Laws

Tony Parinello, bestselling author of the Selling to VITO books, often talks about what level a salesperson sells at. Does he or she call at the top, the Very Important Top Officer (VITO) level that Tony refers to as the carpeted level, or do they call at the buyer level, where the floors are covered with linoleum. For those who have sold at the linoleum level and the carpeted level they’ll tell you without a shadow of a doubt, that it is easier and more productive to sell where there’s carpeting on the floor. So why don’t more salespeople call at this level?

The answer is quite simple, although very disappointing. Most salespeople call at the level they see themselves at. If you see yourself living your life at the buyer’s level you will be more comfortable among buyers. And will often be afraid of calling at any level above that. If you see yourself as executive material, then you will want to sell at the top level of an organization because that’s the level you aspire to and can easily see yourself attaining. You might still feel some fear but your drive and ambition will give you the courage to overpower it.

T. Harv Ecker, founder of Peak Potentials and author of the bestselling book, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, has been quoted as saying that you can take an average of all of your friend’s yearly income and the number would be close to what you are currently earning. So what does all this mean?

It means that until you begin to see yourself differently you will continue to unconsciously live your life similar to what your parent’s life was like, and what your friend’s lives are like. Rich and successful parents typically produce rich and successful kids. Average parents beget average kids and average earners. And poor parent’s children will often live lives where there is never enough.

You can best be described as a setting on a thermostat. If you are set at 72° and for some reason the temperature drops to 68° your internal furnace (mind) will bring the temperature back up. Conversely, if the temperature rises to 74° the air conditioner (mind again) will come on to bring the temperature down 2 degrees. Your comfort zone is always set at the level your subconscious mind sees you at. Now does that mean it can’t be changed? No!

Most of how we view ourselves was not of our choosing. It came from our parents, teachers, siblings, friends and other family members. They may have told you that you wouldn’t amount to much. That you weren’t college material. That you should be happy with what you have, considering. That when brains were being passed out you were at the back of the line. These were things these people impressed upon you, and right or wrong you believed them and accepted them as the truth.

You, are so much more powerful than you think you are. You have the power to literally change your mind and I‘m not talking about making a different decision. I’m talking about seeing yourself as you truly are. Not how somebody else defined you. Start by writing a list of what others told you was true about you. Then take each one and write “the real truth.”

With Love,