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What is Your God Given Talent?

10 Apr

My first real sales job came when I was fifteen years old working at Mr. Junior, a boy’s clothing store on the north side of Chicago. I loved it. Within a year of starting at Mr. Junior a new men’s clothing store opened up within walking distance of my house. I applied for and got a job at Kassner’s California Men’s Store. It wasn’t kids’ clothes anymore. It was the big time. I was selling men’s clothing to men and women who valued my services and liked the fact that I had a flare for putting together just the right look. And what I mean by that was I could sell the husband a suit, then take them over to the dress shirts and find just the right shirt to go with the suit, then the perfect tie and then a new pair of dress shoes. I suggested and they bought. I could up-sell and cross-sell, before I even knew what those phrases meant. Hey, at the time I was only 16 years old.

It’s funny; I don’t know where this talent came from. The joke in our family, even to this day, was that as a family we were devoid of talent. Nobody could sing, nobody could dance, most of us when it came to art could only draw stick figures (certainly me), no one had a gift for writing and no one had any musical talent. So where did this talent for putting together outfits and matching and blending colors come from? Maybe it was in my blood since I come from a long line of merchants.

And maybe it was just a God given talent, although I wouldn’t know what it was called. Either way I loved what I was doing and it probably helped that I really liked people and truly enjoyed helping them.

As I grew older I met other people who shared my belief that they were talentless. I shared their pain, so-to-speak. In my forties I took a spiritual path and began discovering my own talents, ones I never believed I had. The more I was willing to try new things by overpowering my fears, the more I realized that I was blessed with a number of talents. Writing being one of them.

Today, I believe that each of us has been blessed with at least one unique talent, just waiting for us. Overpower your fears and you’ll soon discover your talents, hiding in plain sight.

With Love,