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Cause and Effect – Luckman’s Law

8 Jul

For many people their belief is that they live in a chaotic world where things just seem to happen to them. No rhyme, no reason.

I don’t believe that this is true.

My belief is that we live in an ordered world where we create our lives by our very thoughts.

If you believe that things just seem to just happen to you, then you probably don’t see that everything in your life (the effects) had a cause – a reason why it happened. But it’s true. Cause and effect go hand in hand. You won’t find one without the other.

Take the employee that can’t seem to get out of bed in the morning. When the alarm goes off they hit the snooze for another 10 minutes. It rings again and once more they bargain with it for just 10 more minutes. Finally they awake and rush to work, only to be late once more.

And then it happens. Their manager fires them. Their first response is why? Why fire me? I’m the hardest worker here. Nowhere in their reasoning do they see the effects (being fired) had a cause. A cause that they themselves created. Being consistently late to work.

Or take the salesperson that is responsible for opening a set number of new accounts each month, but they hate prospecting. They don’t cold call. Belong to no leads groups. And find it uncomfortable to attend networking mixers. Will they succeed in opening the number of new accounts required of them? Probably not. And who do they blame? Certainly not themselves. All they do is offer one excuse after another. I could’ve done better if it were not for; the competition, the market, the economy, our lousy brochures, our high prices, the weather, etc.

When things like this happen many people refuse to see themselves as responsible. But they are. They and nobody else.

So the next time you’re struggling with the effects – stop and ask yourself, did I cause this? If your honest answer is yes, then rejoice. You have taken the first step in holding yourself accountable – for your life.

With love,


Some of My Favorite People Are Salespeople

14 Jan

Luckman’s Law: Most businesses fail due to a lack of revenue. That means a lack of sales. Your job security depends on your salespeople. Support them fully in 2013.

I’m a peddler. I have been one ever since I was a little kid. I was always finding something to sell to my neighbors. In the springtime it was flower and vegetable seed packets and as we got closer to Christmas it was greeting cards and holiday gift wrapping paper.

What’s a peddler? It’s a person who peddles. Not a good enough answer? How about one who sells a product or service. Or what we refer to today as, a salesperson.

Look around you. Do you see a computer, smartphone, iPad, telephone, lamp, mouse, pen, keyboard, desk etc? What do all these things have in common? If you answered all were bought in a retail store, you’d be correct. If you answered all were delivered to that store in a truck, you’d be right again.  If you answered, before all of the above happened, that a salesperson sat down with a buyer and sold them the product that you later liked and bought, you’d be absolutely right!

Regardless of how unique the product or service, someone called a buyer and set an appointment, sat down with that buyer and presented or demoed the product or service, and closed the sale. Without a salesperson doing that the greatest products in the world would just sit in a warehouse collecting dust.

If you work in a company that has salespeople selling for them, either company people or independent manufacturer’s representatives, you owe those people your job. If they didn’t go out day after day and fight the battle to sell your products over the competition, your company would lose sales. Lose enough sales and the business goes under.

Even if you don’t like salespeople, go up to one of your salespeople this week and thank them for all they do. That single gesture may be just enough to give that salesperson the confidence to have a banner year. And who wins if your sales team has a banner year? You do and all your co-workers as well.

Hey, you may even want to buy a salesperson lunch.

To my favorite people,