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I’m Ecstatic!

14 Jan

My beloved San Francisco 49ers significantly defeated the Carolina Panthers Sunday, on their home turf in Charlotte, to win the right to face the Seattle Seahawks next week. The winner of that game will determine who will represent the NFC in Super Bowl 48. They did it with an outstanding offense and an incredible defense. I’m so very proud of them and their coach Jim Harbaugh.

I look forward to next Sunday’s game with the belief that San Francisco is the superior team, and will win, but I have some trepidation. You see I don’t like the Seattle fans. Now I have nothing against the city or the people of Seattle. It is a GREAT city. Incredibly beautiful and the people are as nice and as friendly as any you’ll find in the rest of the country. No, the reason I don’t like the Seahawks fans – is their noise.

I know it sounds crazy, but please let me explain. I’m a screamer. I can’t begin to tell you how many football and soccer games I’ve come home from where I could barely speak above a whisper. It’s part of being a fan. It’s our God given right to cheer on our team. But do we have the same right to use our voices to destroy the opposing team’s ability to communicate with one another. Thus gaining an undeserved advantage.

Shouldn’t the outcome of a game be determined by which team has the superior players? Which team is better coached? Whose game plan is superior? And, which team is better able to execute their game plan?

In the early 1940’s Great Britain was able to crack Nazi Germany’s secret code giving them the ability to both understand and then disrupt Germany’s military communications, severely weakening their military strength and leading to their unconditional surrender in May of 1945. In a war this tactic is good. In competitive sports I find it despicable.

So, in my single voice, I say to the Seattle Seahawks fans; If you believe your team is the superior team let’s see it on the field of play, not through some unsportsmanlike seismic event.

And speaking of a seismic event. Living in the Bay Area I can’t help remembering in horror Candlestick Park during the 1989 World Series earthquake. The epicenter of that earthquake was approximately 70 miles from Candlestick. They say that Seattle fan’s screaming, hollering and foot stomping is equivalent to a Richter magnitude 2 earthquake. Has anybody ever stopped to think about how many magnitude 2 earthquakes, created directly under their feet, it will take until the cheapest CenturyLink Stadium seats will be found on Level 1?

Go Niners!