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What Me Worry?

17 Dec

It’s been said that 97% of what we worry about never happens. And yet, for some of us, it’s seems almost impossible to put a stop to worrying. What is worry? The psychiatrist Carl Jung characterizes worry as a substitute for legitimate suffering. In other words, it’s neurotic, not helpful and a waste of time. Worry is when your thoughts run wild, sometimes to the point of being delusional and out of control. One negative thought attracts another, followed by another and so on until all you can see on your path is disaster. Everything is absolute, and everything is a catastrophe.

How does this happen? Why is worrying likely to cause a tailspin or downward spiral? When you start with one negative thought put out into the universe, the thought is like a magnet, attracting like thoughts. The level of vibration in a negative thought finds similar thoughts because they are vibrating at the very same frequency. Suddenly you have a bundle of worries, creating fear and depression. What you feel in any given moment is always the result of what you’re thinking at that moment.

Recently a friend of mine was selected to give a speech at an upcoming charity event. Betty is a highly intelligent and accomplished woman well known in her field, which is why she was asked to speak. Betty wasn’t thrilled, in fact she was petrified. Very much as I was when I was in New York to accept the Best Toy Store award for Magic Village toy store in San Jose, CA. And just like me this woman could think of nothing but catastrophe. What if I forget what to say? What if my voice cracks? What happens if I lose my place? What happens if I mispronounce a word, or worse yet, someone’s name?

In the weeks prior to the speech all she did was worry. Now think about this. She allowed herself to be consumed by fear and worry for weeks leading up to the event. Were these happy times for her? Of course not! Her worrying overshadowed everything she did in those weeks; her job, time with her family and friends, the pleasure in her romantic relationship, and her peace of mind. And, for what? Nothing. Worrying was a waste of her time, energy and happiness. Did she do well when she actually gave the speech? Absolutely, she was great. Did any of the things she worried about come to pass? Yes. Her mouth was a bit dry at the beginning and she felt a bit dizzy walking up the stairs to the podium. Then, she took a sip of water, took a deep breath and looked out at her audience. She suddenly realized she was just human, the same as everyone sitting in front of her. If she made a mistake, and she did, she still felt the thrill of getting to talk to so many people about why she supported the charity, and why the organization means so much to her.

Nobody asked for perfect, and you never have to show up perfect. We’re all human. We will make mistakes. It’s all part of life. I’ve spoken to hundreds of groups over the years and I will tell you this, not a one of those talks was perfect. I made mistakes. As long as I live I will continue to make mistakes. So what? Who cares? They don’t and I certainly shouldn’t.



Even the Famous Have Their Fears

18 Jan

So many roads. So many detours. So many choices. So many mistakes. – Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker is more than just a beautiful award winning actress. She is a devoted and loving wife, mother and a true humanitarian.

Often times when we think of famous people, we have this picture in our minds that because they’re rich and famous, and live a lifestyle that most of us can only dream of, their lives must be perfect. But many times they are not.

Most famous people are very much like you and me. They were raised in middle class homes, went to similar public schools, struggled through those uncomfortable and embarrassing times in junior and senior high school, went off to college and then pursued their careers. What makes them different from you and me is that they were blessed with a tremendous talent, and they were able to capitalize and build a career on that talent. But they had, and from what I’m told by people who know these people, still have their fears, doubts, uncertainties and insecurities.

Sarah Jessica Parker wasn’t always famous. She had to work hard, work smart and continuously believe in herself even during her darkest hours. Just like you she traveled many roads, took numerous detours, made many choices (some good, some bad), and by her own admission, made many mistakes.

Your life in many ways will parallel Ms. Parker on your path to Greatness. You’ll have ups and downs, good days and bad days. But remember this; you are never alone. God goes where you go and asks only that you always live in the moment and make your choices wisely.

To your Greatness,