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You Couldn’t Ask for a Better Habit!

10 Dec

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.  ~Aristotle

What’s the first thing you think of when you read the above Aristotle quote? For me, it’s the word “choice” that pops up in my mind. Why choice? I think it’s because we have been given the greatest of all gifts by our creator. We have been given the gift of free choice. We can choose one thing over another, or we can choose nothing. This in its own way is a choice.

Most animals rely on instinct. And we too have and use instinct. Although most of the time we don’t follow the signals our body sends to us. We’re actually too smart for that. Preferring to rationally think things through. “Rationally” being the key word.

Every single day of our lives we make hundreds, maybe even thousands of choices.  And the majority of them we give but a nano-seconds worth of thought to. What cereal do I want to eat this morning? The light is turning to yellow, do I want to speed up and sneak through or do I want to stop? And then there are those that we should give added thought to before we decide, like, do I want to say that to her even though it will likely hurt her feelings?

Whenever we take on a new responsibility, a new job, a new assignment, we have a choice as to the quality of our output. We can strive for excellence or take the easier route, with the belief that good, is good enough. If we can consistently choose excellence, although harder and more time consuming, it then becomes something that we repeatedly do, like shaving and putting on make-up, and thus becomes a habit. A very good habit to have.

If I can offer you one bit of advice today, it would be choose wisely. Think things through before you choose. And always remember, choices have consequences.

And if you have children at home take the time to teach them how to make the right choices for themselves. Teach them the Universal Law of Cause and Effect. Then whenever they leave the house, tell them how much you love them, and to always choose wisely.

My love to you,