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You Are What You Choose

16 May

Make quick choices and you may not get what you want. Make wise choices and you get the life of your dreams. ~Michael Luckman in Luckman’s Laws

The good news; the choice has always been yours. The bad news; you often make the wrong choice.

Life just happens. Right? WRONG! The life you are living today is nothing more than an amalgamation of all the choices you have made since infancy.

Each and every day we are faced with hundreds, perhaps even thousands of choices.  From the simplest; what should I have for breakfast? Should I take the freeway or surface streets to work? To ones with far reaching consequences; is this the person I want to spend the rest of my life with? Is this the perfect career for me?

For many of us we make these choices without much thought and consideration. And, often we choose the easiest and most expeditious answer. Just as we like fast food we like to make quick decisions. And there lies the problem. We now must live with the consequences of that decision.

Choose to yell at your kids. Live with the consequences. Drive drunk. Live with the consequences. Have unprotected sex. Live with the consequences. Get the picture? You can’t evade the ramifications of cause and effect.

Today choose to choose wisely.

With Love,


The Terror of Indecision!

9 Apr

The risk of a wrong decision is preferable to the terror of indecision. – Maimonides

How many people reading this article suffer from the fear of making a decision? I believe the number is a lot higher than we think. Why is it so hard for these people to make a decision? What are they afraid of?

I believe it’s not the fear of making the decision these people shy away from, but the fear of making the wrong decision. And, if we went back to their childhoods I think we would find the answer.

If you were raised in a household where your parents or guardians judged your every choice, and chastised and berated you when your choice differed from theirs, there is a very good chance that the seeds of fear of making a decision were planted.

One of the most wonderful gifts given to human beings by our creator is the gift of free choice. We are the only animal alive that experiences conscious thought and the capacity to reason. And by that I mean the ability to weigh one thing against another and decide which would be the better choice.

But if you as a child lived in fear of angering your parents or another adult you would constantly live with the dread of making the wrong choice. And so you were forced to live with the terror of indecision. But you can change.

As human beings we learn by trial and error. Watch as an infant learns to roll over from their back to their stomach. Their chubby little arms thrash around until finally they put enough strength behind it to turn their body ever so slightly. And then, using all their strength, they finally pull their body over until they are successfully lying on their stomach. Learning never changes. We try. We fail. We try again and again until we succeed.

If you are frozen in place by the fear of making the wrong decision remember; you are only human. You must risk making the wrong decision if you ever want to succeed. And here is the best part; you don’t have to make your decisions alone.

You have been blessed with a higher power that is always there with you. I will often use my higher power, which I refer to as Infinite Spirit, to help me make the best decision. This is what I say:

“Infinite Spirit, Guide me and help me to make the best decision involving (blank). I desire to always make the best choices for myself.”

It may sound simple, but believe me, it works.

With Love,