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Are We Heading Towards Catastrophe?

14 Jun

I came across this article I wrote over a year ago and I was stunned. One would have thought that with the election last November things would have changed. But no, we are still racing down the track to destroying ourselves.

It has come to the point that I am ready to stop reading newspapers, turn off all 24 hour TV news shows and cancel my subscription to Time magazine.

The reason: Our country. It’s like watching a train wreck in slow motion.

The crew is in the cab of a runaway train arguing. The engineer and half the crew members want to take steps to prevent the catastrophe. But the other half of the crew won’t help the first half pull back on the throttle and apply the brakes.

These crew members absolutely “believe” that the train is on the wrong track. And to prove their point, will gladly stand back and watch it disintegrate, just so they can say, “We told you our track was the “better” track to be on. Now see what YOU’VE DONE”.

It’s like watching an old Marx Brothers or Three Stooges movie, except for the fact — they’re not acting.