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It Can Last a Lifetime!

18 Mar

Nobody ever did, or ever will, escape the consequences of his choices. – Alfred A. Montapert

Two things prompted me to choose Mr. Montapert’s quote today; the first was the guilty verdicts given today to the two Steubenville, Ohio high school football players for raping a drunk 16 year old girl. The second is that I am putting the finishing touches on a talk I will be giving to college students across the country entitled, The Five Secrets for Success You Won’t Learn in College. The fourth secret for success in my talk is: Cause and Effect – Prevent Mistakes That Can Haunt Your Entire Career.

Every cause will have an effect. The cause is WHY SOMETHING HAPPENED.  The effect is WHAT HAPPENED.

And today, with the internet, effects can hound you for your entire lifetime. If you Google my name, Michael Luckman, and add the word spammer after it, your search will bring up dozens of articles that brand me an email spammer. I don’t have time in this article, nor the inclination, to share with you why this happened, but it did. And the ramifications of it did major damage to my business. Right or wrong, I will forever be known as the SPAMMER.

Too many people, especially teenagers and those in their twenties, believe that they live in a chaotic world where things just seem to happen to them, with no rhyme or reason. For those who believe this they probably wouldn’t recognize that everything in their life (the effects) had a cause – a reason why it happened. But it’s true. Cause and effect go hand in hand. You won’t find one without the other.

My belief is that we live in an ordered universe where we create our lives by our very thoughts and actions. The two boys convicted in Steubenville, and the other dozen or so boys who also participated, did not realize they were doing anything particularly wrong. Or maybe they did, but got caught up in the herd mentality and followed their alcohol fueled instincts. Either way, by their very actions (cause) their future lives will never be the same (effects).

Now before you ask what about the girl’s behavior, is that a cause? Yes, her getting drunk certainly was the cause of everything that happened to her afterwards. Alcohol is a wicked drug and teenagers experimenting with it have no idea what it can do to them. And all too often a parent’s admonition about staying away from it falls on deaf ears. But that’s also part of still being a child. But rape is not.

If you are a parent of teenagers or even related to one, talk to them. Teach them about cause and effect. And if you can, impress upon them that everything they write, even their choice of words, and the photos they send to others, will very often wind up on the internet, where they will remain as lifetime reminders of making the wrong choice.

Always choose wisely,