And I Said to Myself

7 Jun

And so I said to myself, “I wish you wouldn’t talk to me like that!” But the person talking to me was me and no one else. ~Michael Luckman in Luckman’s Laws


Do you talk to yourself? Actually we all do. It is part of our human nature. It’s not a matter of whether we talk to ourselves, but more about what we say to ourselves. Social scientists tell us that on average we each entertain about 60,000 thoughts in a day. We also know that approximately 90% are negative. So it stands to reason that the majority of what we do say to ourselves will be negative. And there stands the problem.

Negative thoughts create the words we use to speak to ourselves. And those words hurt. Instead of building us up to accomplish great things the things we say to ourselves tear us down and remind us of all our faults, deficiencies, past failures and fears. Thus perpetuating into the future all the negatives of the past. No wonder it’s so hard to create the lives we want to live.

To overpower our negative comments to ourselves we must first understand that the majority of what we say to ourselves are LIES. Untruths told to us by others when we were too young to challenge their validity. Often these lies were told to us by people we loved and looked up to; our parents, grandparents, older siblings, teachers and others. And so we accepted them as true.

Here is a positive affirmation I like to use whenever I start trash talking to myself: “Infinite Spirit, I was lead to believe by others (or fill in the name of whoever told you the lie) that I wasn’t too (fill in the lie). That is ABSOLUTELY WRONG. In fact, I am (fill in the opposite of the lie).”

For much of my life I didn’t believe I was that smart. I always felt that others knew more than me and were overall smarter than me. To overpower that negative belief I created this powerful affirmation that I would repeat to myself many times a day; “Infinite Spirit, I was lead to believe by others that I wasn’t very smart. That’s an absolute lie. In fact, I am just the opposite. I am very smart with an above average I.Q. I am a quick learner who can master any subject that I desire.”

Say this positive affirmation over and over until the negative thought and comments are gone.

When you change your thoughts you will change your mind. When you change your mind you will literally change your life.

With Love,


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