Missing Out on That Perfect Person

7 May

Do not ever feel guilty for asking for what you want. As a child of God you deserve to have, be and do everything you desire. Ask and have faith that your choices will be delivered to you. ~Michael Luckman in Luckman’s Laws

I have a friend, a smart and attractive woman with a lot going for her who serially marries men that are wrong for her. She has done this four times. Now you’re probably asking why she would continually do this. While the question is simple, the answer is not. It’s fear.

Sally desperately needs a man in her life. She enjoys being a couple and fears being alone. Her social life revolves around couples activities. In choosing a mate she doesn’t set her sights very high and often, once married, realizes that her prince has remained a frog. Put another way, she’s a Nordstrom woman who settles for Wal-Mart men.

In A Course in Miracles it states that as God’s children he wants us to have everything. That we need but ask and it shall be given. But like the proverbial watched pot that never boils we ask for the perfect partner and then instead of holding fast to our belief we begin to doubt that God has heard us, and we resort to accepting the first person that shows up. Fear tells us that this might be our only choice, and there may be nothing else in the pipeline. And fear may also tell us that this is all we deserve.

Using the Law of Attraction describe and ask for the perfect partner. Then let go and believe that the perfect partner, the one you deserve, will indeed come into your life. It may take a week; a month or even a year but you will attract that perfect person.

The choice is yours Wal-Mart or Nordstrom’s.

With Love,


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