Michael’s Law of Deliberate Manifestation

15 Apr

Have you ever thought of what your life would be like if you could be, do and have everything that you have ever wanted? Of course you have. These are the things you dream of.

But until you do something to manifest those dreams into reality they remain just wishful thinking.

What prevents most of us from turning these dreams into reality? Typically it is fear. Fear that we may not reach our goals. Fear that we may fail. Fear of the embarrassment that failure brings. Fear that we are asking for too much. Fear that if we did succeed it would complicate our lives. Fear that we would lose the ones we love. And probably the biggest fear of all; that if we did not succeed it would prove what we always believed about our self – that we didn’t deserve to have what we were seeking.

The truth is we were created by our maker to have everything. Yes, EVERYTHING! In the book A Course in Miracles it says, “That it is not that we ask God for too much, but that we ask him for too little.” And so we live lives of littleness, rather than the magnitude that we were created for.

The Law of Deliberate Manifestation goes hand in hand with the Law of Attraction. Both are universal laws that work to create the things in our lives. And to do this, to manifest our dreams, we need to change our thoughts from those of fear and limitation to those of abundance and unlimited possibilities. And here are steps you can master to do just that:

First, decide what you want. The Universe does not recognize size. It will provide you a mansion just as easily as a one room shack down by the railroad tracks. So, dream big.

Second, ask the Universe for exactly what you want. The greater the detail the easier it is to manifest. If it’s a new home you desire begin by seeing the home you want in your mind. If you have a picture of the home of your dreams this becomes even easier. Now create a movie of it in your mind staring you. Walk up to the front door and open it. How are you feeling? Try to get your emotions going. Think of this house in your mind as your house. You own it. Now walk through your house and experience what it feels like to be in each room. Go out to the backyard and see yourself with your family and friends as you BBQ Sunday’s dinner. Experience the joy and pride you’ll feel.

You can do this for whatever you desire; the perfect job, the perfect soul mate, the perfect business.

And third, never waiver from what you want. Hold the picture in your mind and be patient. What you ask for will manifest in your life. It has to. It’s the LAW.

With Love,


One Response to “Michael’s Law of Deliberate Manifestation”

  1. evelyn2012 at 11:18 PM #

    Hey! It’s great to find likeminded people. The law of attraction is hard to implement at the beginning, but then it works! It is working for me 🙂

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