In This Moment Your Future Begins!

29 Mar

I’ve got a high school pal and every time we talk it’s always about the girls we used to date, the fun we used to have and the things we used to do. As if nothing of great import was accomplished in the intervening years.

I’ve got another friend that is always reliving the wrong choices she made in her past, the men she dated and married, and the opportunities she missed.

And then there’s my buddy who always does well but is constantly worried about something in his future that will probably never come to pass. And in doing so never really enjoys what he has now.

What I’d like to tell them is what my friends in New Jersey would say, “fugged aboud it!” And after that I’d like to tell them that the Universe always gives them exactly what they think about, worry about and give emotion to. With their minds consumed with past mistakes and worries of the future they are missing two vital components of life; one, the ability to enjoy their life now, in this moment, and two, using this moment to create the future that they truly desire.

Life must be lived in the moment. Only this moment counts. Your future is created in this moment. What do you think happens when you live in the past? You recreate your past, mistakes and all their baggage, in your future.

And what do you think happens when you spend your time worrying about the future? You create in your future the very things you worry about. Your worries come to life.

Because you create your life in the moment, and through your thoughts, choose those thoughts carefully and wisely.

Life is a gift when lived in the present. That’s why it’s called the present. And like any gift, just unwrap it and enjoy it.

With Love,


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