Expect and it Will Come!

13 Feb

Expectation is the triggering mechanism which attracts into my life every good I desire. ~Born Rich

The above quote comes from a book I read over 20 years ago called Born Rich. It is out of print and impossible to find, but fortunately I have written down most of the positive affirmations it contained.

I love the above affirmation. All too often we use the Law of Attraction to ask the Universe for what we want, and then leave it at that. And when what we asked for doesn’t manifest in our life, in the time frame we demanded, we blame the law.

Expectation is an emotion. Think of Christmas when you were a kid. Every day, starting after Thanksgiving, you thought about Christmas and all the things you asked Santa for.  You never doubted that Santa Claus would bring them to you. You knew he would and you expected to see them under the tree on Christmas morning.

It’s the same with using the Law of Attraction. You can’t just ask for what you want and forget about it. It’s like planting a flower and never watering it. The flower won’t bloom and neither will your request to the Universe.

Expectation, like water and fertilizer, is the nurturing influence that will bring you all that you desire.

To your expectations,


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