Am I Good Enough?

31 Jan

It saddens me whenever I hear somebody say they’re not good enough at some thing or task. I think, who’s really telling them that? The person saying it or someone in their past who convinced them that this was true?

Each of us carries with us these deep seated beliefs that we are in some way inferior to others. That “others” are better than us, smarter than us, more talented than us, more skilled than us, prettier than us, thinner than us, richer than us, and a host of other negative not enoughs. And, of course, the granddaddy of them all, not deserving enough.

As if there were two separate societies; the less deserving one that we live in and the privileged one for all those who are “enough.”

The fact is, everybody has this fear of being not enough in at least one area of their life, and it doesn’t matter how educated they are, or how rich, or even how talented they may be.

The fear of being not enough prevents each of us from attaining what we truly desire and believe we deserve. All too often it stops us in our tracks and prevents us from even trying. A Course in Miracles tells us that it is God’s wish that his children have everything. And who are we to argue with God.

The fact is; YOU ARE ENOUGH! Always have been. Always will be.

With my love,



One Response to “Am I Good Enough?”

  1. Famous Alice at 6:51 PM #

    In my family we have a saying: “It’s Dad’s way or the wrong way.” Often, Dad would physically take away from me what I was working on so he could do it “the right way.” The message he conveyed with to me with this repeated action is that “you’re not good enough.” Many times I refused to seek his help as it was too painful and came to rely on myself more and more.

    In retrospect, I realize he was doing his best to make things easier and better for me by showing me how to do things efficiently. His helping always came from a position of love. His intention wasn’t to be critical, it was to save me from the pain of failure.

    I owe my quality of resourcefulness to my father. Even thought his teaching methods left something to be desired, I did learn a lot. I also learned how to figure things out for myself.

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