Giving Your Own Eulogy!

30 Jan

Studies have shown that people’s #1 fear is speaking in public. Fortunately you won’t have to give the eulogy at your own funeral. ~Michael Luckman

As many of you know, I closed my sales training business several years ago to follow my passion. For the past twenty plus years I have been studying why we as human beings experience fear when faced with a threat of bodily harm. Well that’s an easy one to answer, survival. Okay, that’s not the question. The real question I have been trying to answer is; why do we experience the same fear, the same physiological responses when facing an imaginary fear, like walking up to a complete stranger or getting up front of a group of people to share with them something that is important? Unless you’re in the wrong neighborhood, why do we tremble at introducing ourselves to a stranger? Or, why do we fear our mind will go blank when we get up to speak?

The reason I have made a study of fear is that fear has been my nemesis since I was a child. Not a day went by that I didn’t experience fear. As I looked back on my life I realized that although I felt fear almost constantly, I had this ability to push through my fears and do what was necessary, whether it was walking onto a sports field, or knocking on a neighbor’s door to sell them something.

But I didn’t always overpower my fears. There were many times I gave into fear and allowed fear to win. And when fear won, I lost. It could have been closing a large account or failing to take advantage of a new opportunity. As a sales trainer I recognized myself in most of my students. Typically they were afraid to use all that I taught them because fear stood in their way.

After ten years of this I felt it was time to write my book Overpowering Fear – Defeating the #1 Challenge in Sales and Life. The book opened up for me the opportunity to fulfill my real passion, and that is to travel the world doing corporate keynotes and workshops. Overpowering fear was not only for salespeople, but for every employee in an organization who let’s their fears stand in the way of their success.

This has led to a second passion, speaking to college students. I have always believed a degree will get you a job, but it is these five life skills that will get you a successful career.

  • Learn How to Sell – Even Rich-Dad Robert Kiyosaki said everyone needs this skill.
  • Learn How to Network – Not on the internet, but in person. The stronger your network the greater the chances for success.
  • Learn How to Speak in Public – Nothing will get you noticed in your industry quicker than public speaking.
  • Understand Cause and Effect – Knowing this universal law will keep you out of trouble and if you’re lucky, put you in the right place at the right time.
  • Learn to Tell Stories – From our tribal past people love to learn through stories.

If you know a college looking for a speaker with a different message I would appreciate an introduction to the right person. If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area and know a high school that would like me to speak about Overpowering Fear and learning these five life skills, please let me know that too. Colleges are fee based. High schools are free.

My best to you always,


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