Common Sense — Not Always So Common

24 Jan

It seems we just can’t get away from it. With all the scary things happening around the world and across our great nation, everyone; the press, TV pundits, op-ed writers, the person in front of you in the grocery check-out lane, and all our elected representatives, are clamoring for something to be done. They either want new laws, new rules and new regulations, or they believe everything is perfectly okay just the way it is.

The change that is always sought is a common sense solution to whatever the problem. Who can argue with that? Really no one, as long as everyone’s common sense is the same. But here lies the problem; we don’t always see the challenges we’re facing in the same way.

I’ve spoken about this before. Each of us is different. We think and respond to situations differently. Even identical twins think differently. And each of us is a product of our birth. What order we were born into our family? Our religious affiliation? Our culture? Are we an optimist or a pessimist? Our level of education? Are our politics liberal or conservative? Which generation are we part of? These and a myriad of other beliefs filter what we see and hear, and what we believe. The way you see things may not be the way I see things, and thus your common sense solutions may make no sense to me at all. In fact, to me, they may be downright scary. And maybe my common sense solutions will cause you to build a bomb shelter in your back yard.

Is there a solution? Yes, there is. It’s another “C” word and that word is compromise. It is mandatory that we insist that our elected officials, all our elected officials, from both parties work together to craft the best solutions for all our citizens.

Remember from our fear of alcohol we created organized crime. From our fear of communism we lost over 58,000 of our youngest and brightest in Vietnam. From our fear of weapons of mass destruction we entered the Iraq war.

We thought we were using common sense. The question was, “whose common sense were we using?”

To compromise,


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