Impossible to Fail

23 Jan

I must live my life as though it were impossible to fail. – From the book Born Rich

I’m sure that sometime in your past someone mentioned this all important affirmation to you, and you might have responded, “Well that sure sounds good, but how exactly do you do that?” And there lies the dilemma. Do you picture in your mind a life of not failing, or do you hold a picture in your mind of what success would be like?

As many of you know, I prefer not holding any picture in my mind of what failure would look like. Considering the fact that you manifest into your life exactly what you think about, give emotion to and expect it’s probably best to not entertain any thoughts of failure. So the obvious answer would be to see a picture in your mind of the successful life you would like to lead. Which brings up another challenge: Before you can picture in your mind a successful life you first have to create an outline of what you would consider a successful life. And that’s easier than you would think.

To reach any destination you always need a starting point. Even the best GPS system could not route you to a destination if it had no idea where you currently were. It’s the same with the desire to have a successful life. You must take inventory of your failures and even what you fear failing at.

Here is what I’d like you to do. Take a legal pad and draw a vertical line from top to bottom. On the left, title that column “Fears and Failures,” and title the right column “Successful Outcome.” Now find a quiet space where no one can disturb you.

Now I want you to ask for help. No, don’t pick up your phone to call a friend. I want you to ask your higher power for help. It could be God, Universe, Infinite Spirit, Jesus, Allah, it really doesn’t matter what you call your higher power. My belief is that God answers to every name. Now this is what I want you to ask, “Infinite Spirit, guide me and tell me my failures and the things I am afraid to fail at. And please show me in each situation what success would look like.” Now quiet your mind and wait. The answers will come and may even surprise you.

Suppose that one of the things to pop into your mind is a fear of public speaking. Write that down. If you remember a time in 2nd grade where you were asked to come to the front of the classroom and share an essay you wrote, and you were so scared that you couldn’t even get the words out, and the class laughed and you were humiliated, write that down too. Now in the next column write a successful outcome for your life in the present. We’re not going to correct the past, just create the future.

Your successful outcome might be you seeing yourself in your mind’s eye at work making a presentation to the board of directors. You are calm, relaxed and in control. The presentation goes so well that you are invited to make a presentation at the annual meeting with all the shareholders, and instead of fear you feel only joy and excitement. Write all of this down. You now have your first picture of what a successful life would look like.

With this and your other successful pictures you can now picture in your mind a life where it is impossible to fail. Oh, did I mention that what you think about is what you become.

To a successful you,



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