It Felt Soooo Good!

17 Dec

Have you ever experienced unconditional love? I think I have. It happened maybe two or three times, but a long, long time ago. Let me tell you what it felt like.

On each occasion I was with my mother and she had done something for me that was out of the ordinary. I remember one time when I was about nine years old and mom and I were out shopping. I loved putting together plastic model airplanes and ships, and we were about a block away from my favorite hobby store. I asked her if she would buy me a model airplane that I wanted. Now usually whenever I asked for something I typically had to almost beg and plead for it, but on this occasion she responded almost immediately with a yes, adding, “You’ve been a good boy this week. Why not.” I was thrilled.

After purchasing my model plane we left the store hand in hand and began walking home. As you might imagine, I was feeling pretty good. About a block down the street I looked up at my mother and she looked down at me. She had this incredible look of love on her face and my body reacted as never before. I began to shiver, but not in a bad way. It was like I was overwhelmed with joy and thought my body would burst from these glorious feelings. At that moment I knew what I was feeling — my mother’s unconditional love.

As I mentioned, I’ve only felt this on a few occasions. But there was no doubt it was real. As I’ve grown older I’ve often thought of those wonderful moments. I believe they were a gift from God. It’s what he wants each of us to experience. I’ve asked God to give me more. And maybe he will. What I would love to do is to learn how I can create these feelings in myself. Then I can teach others how to create their own.

If you’ve ever experienced these feelings of unconditional love I welcome your stories.

To unconditional love,


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