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Made With Real Lemons!

16 Jan

What happened to the day when everything was made with real lemons?

I recently bought some refrigerated lemonade from Safeway. As I was placing it in my refrigerator at home I noticed the tag line on the label. It read: Made with Real Lemons.

Duh? Shouldn’t lemonade be made with lemons? Real lemons that grow on trees. When did things start becoming fake imitations of themselves? And worse yet why did we as consumers allow this to happen?

How would you feel getting on an airplane and reading a big sign that said, Proudly made with some real aircraft parts. I’d be scared. My whole flight would be consumed by thoughts of, which are the real parts and which the imitations?

When was it declared to the world that we the consuming public had to settle for the fakes over the real thing. I don’t remember voting for it.

My Best to You Always,